Investigation: US Released Biological Agents On Its People

May 26, 2021 Edward 0

You can’t honestly believe that they would act like that and get away with it, right?

In our modern day, many people seem to think that the government would never engage in large scale concerning projects. Yet we can learn from the past where this has already happened. This investigation details and sources the US biological weapon program and the tests conducted on unknowing US cities. Yes, they did expose an entire city, and yes, they did drop stuff from planes.

Investigation: Bill S.894 “Our Warning Of Ideological Laws”

January 24, 2021 Edward 0

After the Capital Building Storming there has been political outcry across party lines. Yet many leftist politicians and media have demanded new laws. Bill S.894 has been put up as a option to be passed. Yet a closer look reveals a ideological bent and a flaw that could destroy American counter terrorism ability.

Crypto Hope

January 20, 2021 Edward 0

The media has latched onto cryptocurrency. Despite still highlighting its usage in crime, the media has reported that price is steadily increasing. Despite this focus on how much Bitcoin, for example, has risen, there are other reasons that this shift to crypto is occurring. Naturally, those reasons are ones that they do not want you to know.