Better Then Natural

September 21, 2020 realityfuture 0

Increasingly natural humans and natural parts of our life are not good enough. This post explores these changes and talks about some of the growing problems. Talking about the future in the present is always important.

Dying Privilege Of The Empty Mind

September 1, 2020 realityfuture 0

At the current moment, our minds find themselves under constant siege. The current state is harmful. This post explores some of the fuel that is being put on growing fire that reaches us all.

United States Pullback

August 29, 2020 realityfuture 1

The United States has stood as a bastion of freedom and a free people. Capture in Reagan’s remarks of a foreign individual calling a soldier “Freedom man.”
Yet despite what some may wish this was not just external policy. Internally the country experienced record prosperity and faced difficult challenges, not with a jackboot but real creative solutions. Going home will preserve and restore this ability.

Return Of The Fighting French

August 22, 2020 realityfuture 0

France and the French have changed history. Yet they are not
some dead nation or people but one that can meet and take advantage of the future. While some may be willing to assume nothing more can come from them, reality tells a very different story.