Project Loudspeaker Logs

Rebuilding Rome is not responsible for the logs being published online. For the best of our ability these leaks have been confirmed as true. So far Telegram has appeared to take no actions but the actions of individuals involved in these groups seems to indicate they where real.

ANTIFA (Anti Fascist) has been reported on in numerous ways. One of the main differences in reporting is how organized and united the wider movement is. Members and sympathetic individuals fiercely deny that it can be classed as a group. This is likely to prevent legal liability that having such a group would bring. Following standard insurgency tactics ANTIFA breaks into smaller cells, that are often based on local area. Despite the many different names and groups that have been created they are not isolated from one another. How they communicate with each other is often using the platform Telegram. Logs that have been posted publicly demonstrate how much they communicate with each other. While America burned these groups where talking to each other and plotting their next move. Naturally attempting to avoid as much legal liability as possible with their communications. Looking into these logs we can have a better understanding of how these groups operate and the individuals within think.

Sources for the logs:

Pastebin primary source:

“this is a public chatroom, so I’m not sure how it could be “leaked””

PDX Uprising AutomaticArbitrageAmbassador 2021-05

With different regional chats this means that the individuals can find the local news and be filtered through to other chats. It also gives the ability for someone out of the region to keep to date with what is happening on the ground. Some individuals may also be traveling into the protests and want to work out the vague details of what is going to occur. The “official” story behind a event can also be given quickly so that others know what to say has happened online. Despite having the support of many news stations these ANTIFA logs reveal that they do not trust that coverage of them and prefer to use their own sources in many cases. These chats allowed them to create a ecosystem of information including where police forces had been deployed and where the next move of the riot was meant to occur.

“This is important. We need to prevent them from any rapid deployment, bc that’s when they make arrests, Either chain the gates shut from outside, or if ppl have them broken open to run inside and troll, have barricade materials staged nearby to be able to block the gates quickly if they come out. It’s tricky because we want the fence down, but we also want to slow their movement. Block their flows and open up our own. “

PDX Uprising Furio_Jesi 2020-07

The amount of issues that are discussed in these chats is extensive. Anything from the situation for Anarchists in Iraq to pipeline activism. It shows how involved ANTIFA has made itself in many of the causes in modern America and beyond. This is part of a old playbook for these groups to make themselves harder targets and steadily get more power in society. You can see some minor disagreements about tactics but ultimately these concerns are dismissed with the claim that a diversity of tactics are needed in this struggle.

long story short, only post events in here which are okay to be posted publicly, otherwise share them with your trusted comrades directly, or in your AG’s secure chat room

PDX Uprising-AutomaticArbitrageAmbassador-2020-07

More information should be discovered in these logs. Some have claimed it shows that organized illegal attempts where created. With the state of US prosecutions for the summer riots it seems unlikely that any real change will happen. Yet this insight into the way that ANTIFA think and organize is invaluable. More information should come out of these logs.