The Ominous Logic Behind Cancel Culture

In recent years the concept of left-wing cancel culture has drawn growing attention. The power behind the movement and train of thought seems to only be growing. Moving from early online forums and college campuses it now is in most parts of American life and has been exported across the western world. 1 Yet for many people across the political divide, it has become very difficult to understand how it works. This is especially true for conservatives that have become the main focus of cancel cultures political fury. The concept should not be thought of as just a political tool. That overly simplifies the true logic that is behind the broader cancel culture movement.

A Breakdown To Squares

A way to explain the larger goal of cancel culture is to turn the very complicated system that is a society and make it into a square. Each side of the square should represent a core part of society.

Each side, in reality, could represent any other part of our society. However, those are good examples to get the point across. In this state, the society has its set values and everything is working together. For simplicity, this is the starting point for the cancel culture woke that have reached.

First Moves Of Cancel Culture

The red line represents the first part of the society that is attacked and undermined. It has not yet been replaced but it will have its values attacked and its worth constantly pulled down. In reality, all of these sides would be under attack as the ideas are quite large. For simplicity, we will show it as one side or element being changed.

The Second Steps

The old point of attack is then replaced with the new version that the cancel culture approves of. The right changes are made and then they focus on the next part of the society. The idea is to replace after pulling down the old. Compared to natural changes this is different due to the organised and ideological drive to tear down. Some old elements that suit may be kept but likely adapted.

End Goal

The end goal is to replace every part of the square. However, it risks the society in the middle. While it was easy to overlook the sides of the square they were the main reason the society was so strong and could function. The society may change completely or be hurtled into destruction.