In America Your Own Side Is After You

A new part of the culture war is starting now that the fire that was the 2020 US presidential election has gotten smaller. Those convenient alliances during the election have started to break down. Now that it does not risk the bigger prize of an election win, both sides feel that they can turn inwards. Different reasons and justification are given for this new internal struggle. It is at every level of American political life. Due to the American voting system pushing for the creation of two major parties, the battle is fierce.  Unlike overseas where a disagreement can lead to another party being created, the US punishes this and makes it unviable to win. Splitting the vote remains a constant concern and this pushes the different groups together. These internal battles can not end with separation without making them weaker. So it has become a battle for utter domination or destruction. The end result will determine what the future contest between the two sides is like and the potential for what will lead America forward.

Democratic groups have seen the most sudden increase in internal issues. During the election, disagreements and allegations against convenient figures were kept hidden. With the power of the media, this meant certain issues were not investigated and disagreements were also ignored. In New York city this has  lead to the sex scandal for the Governor and also allegations of a coverup of deaths in nursing homes.  Suddenly a torch is pointed inward around the behaviour of heroes that took down Donald Trump. The resistance by its own words was a broad group. It seems that many figures within the resistance did numerous actions that went against the values of the wider group. Even the media is facing allegations about their own behaviour and reporting. They have fallen out of favour now that they cannot use Donald Trump’s attacks against them as a shield. Different moral tests have become a bedrock for keeping power on the Democratic side. While the results of the test do not have to be as perfect as what is expected of the enemy, it increasingly can determine the power that one holds. Bringing in the information that makes someone fail a moral test is a preferred method of attacking someone on the left. How many figures survive these tests and if they continue to hold their power remains unknown.

Unions remain the biggest loser and the biggest target for the rest of the Democratic party. Since the glory days membership in Unions has steadily fallen. Jobs that once allowed them to be a powerful group are moving overseas. Due to the small size and the belief that the Union vote is not as important or at risk, they are ignored. Climate policy increasingly impacts Union employment and it does not require much effort or time to see the anti illegal immigration arguments that once were made. Donald Trump’s core policy was an attempt to prevent more offshoring which had mixed success. Biden made no such promise and a look at company actions show they don’t fear any pushback. Unions also in many cases threw their support behind the Biden camp even as the jobs they were meant to protect were directly announced to be ended. With the shrinking importance, perhaps the Democrats have just crunched the numbers and believe that Unions do not really matter. Another more sinister theory is that they do not believe that the leadership of Unions has enough backbone to actually cause them any trouble. In most discussions about the modern Democratic party, it is a battle between the progressive and corporatist wings. Unions in many ways have become politically extinct.

Evidence of the Democratic Parties focus can be seen in the climate policy that we did a breakdown of here:

Yet the Republican party and the right wing is not all peaceful and silent. As the vote count reported a loss many figures saw a chance to throw out the Trumpism that they had hated. This was not surprising for most people. Before he managed to win the Republican nomination a great deal of opposition had existed to even the belief he could win. In Trump’s final days in office, he launched some attacks on figures who had gone against him. Since leaving he has continued to push for Republicans who he feels betrayed him to be primaried out. Yet pushback against anything related to Trump is being seen in some areas. The Evangelical part of the party was deeply impacted by the Capital storming along with the Regan style Republicans. At the moment with an election loss, a new sense of identity could be created. However, it is just as possible that the party will once again rally behind Trump for the next election. How different the party will end up is uncertain. If Trumpism is successfully attacked then perhaps a new style will be adopted. Yet the actual chance of removing Trump or his loss of support is doubtful. It is the same polls and people that reported he had no chance of winning the primary or the election. Due to the misinformation, it is much harder to work out what level of infighting and disagreement exist. Any slight instance of disagreement will be covered by a media gleeful for a collapse of American conservatism. Trump himself is not opposed to changing and listening to what his supporters want. Even with the same man perhaps new ideas will be adopted and then become a bedrock of the party.

The question of if these internal struggles are normal is a complicated one. Parties do change over time as new issues are brought up and the situation also changes. Many have pointed to the Democratic coalition becoming strained, yet it also must be highlighted that the religious right is increasingly paired with libertarian style Republicans. How these parties deal with their internal disagreements and differences seems to be an important part of a bigger win. By pushing people into two groups the battle of ideas must happen. With more people becoming politically active it seems that more views needing to be captured by the parties will continue. For those who dream of a return to the status quo of both parties being similar and interchangeable, it seems the current direction will abolish that. In a partisan American the consequences for being on the wrong side only seem to grow. Yet it also seems that being on the wrong faction of the same side is going to start being a risk. As America grows tenser the political battle only seems to grow larger.