Those Other Oppressions

There is a long history of the Western World, ignoring the oppression of those they deem not relevant or different from themselves. This has been seen again with President Joe Biden’s statement that the reeducation camps for Uighurs. Speaking to CCP talking points, he implied that the group’s oppression is a cultural norm of the Chinese nation. This goes on the numerous other current issues facing minority groups that the UN and American government currently does countless deals with and even can view as partners. This directly impacts the security of Western citizens.

Red Star Rising

It is an open secret that the growth of China has been powered by the American economy. By opening up the American consumer base and business community, a flood of the worlds most powerful currency went into what at the time was an isolated and unsteady Communist nation. Once the United States so openly and larger entered the Chinese market, the rest of the world followed it. This has now allowed the Chinese military to become a modern force, and the economic pull of the Chinese decision is feared from Cape Town to Washington.

Yet, the technologies and the method of oppression that started in China has normalized and encouraged Western governments to follow it. Now those that the Chinese government are after can be intimidated and attacked in Western nations. As Covid19 has demonstrated, the Chinese coverups can escape the country and reach our ones. What happens in China impacts the interconnected global supply lines and can reach our personal lives in a way that many of us do not realize. China is the pioneer of future oppression. It debunks the claims that our modern-day is always moving towards freedom as part of some grand narrative of progress. The Uighurs are serving as a reminder of governments’ real power to establish camps and disappear people in front of the world.

Learning To Break People

China is often cited as the modern oppression state. This is true and as detailed above, but it misses the numerous locations in the world currently serving for all sorts of experiments to test compliance. In the Middle East, there a modern high tech firms that are working on getting Sharia law upheld. Experiments in the broader Middle East are hard to find information on due to the natural secrecy when it comes to these operations. However, numerous Western firms do extensive deals and collect data about these projects.

Legally numerous nations learn from each other’s laws and also use them as inspiration. If a country passes a law that allows a greater ability to control citizens, a Western government may not like the government, but it can draw inspiration from those laws. This also dooms smaller nations that may never have thought up these oppression laws to bring them in. If London passes a law, then many countries around the world usually can quickly bring it in. Chinese law and policy can also be used in these nations, with the Chinese government willing to create these laws.

Warning Of Bad Intentions

Ignoring a government rounding up people and putting them into camps from a moral standpoint. These actions should serve as a warning. It is a demonstration of domestic control. Yet, it also means that the truth in that nation is much harder to work out. What could cause outrage and force actions in more free countries could be ignored and pushed aside in one that has that much power. It also means that suddenly the forces of society can be redirected to whatever those in power make a passing goal.

Also, the fact that so many of the people in power in our own countries are unwilling to stand up to this should concern many. It demonstrates that they do not care about what is happening to those people. There is no evidence that their belief changes for Western people. The cultural norms that Joe Biden has used to justify the behaviour is a dangerous belief to adopt. Our Western cultural norms are also changing. We are left to wonder where this ends.