Investigation: Bidens Climate Emergency

Since taking office, the Biden Administration has focused on the issue of climate change. Even with the brief time in office at the time of writing, the Biden Administration has already started the process of using government power for programs that grapple and inform with this stated crisis. This article will investigate some of the already passed moves in those directions.

Executive Order 14013: Rebuilding and Enhancing Programs To Resettle Refugees and Planning for the Impacts of Climate Change on Migration


This Executive Order focuses on the United States immigration as the title would imply. It makes claims about the history of the US as a “beacon of hope”. 1 Section 1 Executive Order 14013 There is a large section that deals with Afghanistan and letting those who helped the US military leave the country if they are under threat. 2 End of Section 1 and Primarily Section 3 Executive Order 14013 It also make numerous statements about making the system work better for women, children and other vulnerable groups. The basic idea for this would be new technology and processes to be adopted. 3 Throughout Executive Order 14013 it is mentioned These surrounded a very interesting climate request. These other issues are serious and perhaps do require change. Yet then the Executive Order jumps to environmental ideas.

Section 6 Deals with the climate in a massive way. It is trying to establish a foundational way of thinking and process that other government functions will go off. APNSA, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, and the Director of National Intelligence will all work together for a report that deals with climate related issues. 4Section 6 Executive Order 14013 It includes plans to deal with the issues the United States will facedue to climate. Including climate refugees. Yet what is notable is the end of section 6 focuses on “work collaboratively with other countries, international organizations and bodies, non-governmental organizations, and localities”. The Paris Climate Agreement is likely to be part of that along with other globalist institutions that President Trump moved away from. This establishes a diplomatic direction that the country will head in.

Executive Order 14008: Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad


This Executive Order is a significant step forward that the Biden Administration has taken. We purposefully have put it second to the other executive order to highlight that climate policy will be placed with various topics. Readers need to remain vigilant to changes that do not bear the exact name of Climate Crisis or other similar terms. The report boldly starts with

“The United States and the world face a profound climate crisis. We have a narrow moment to pursue action at home and abroad in order to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of that crisis and to seize the opportunity that tackling climate change presents. Domestic action must go hand in hand with United States international leadership, aimed at significantly enhancing global action. Together, we must listen to science and meet the moment.” 5 Executive Order 14008 introduction

It starts by declaring that the climate crisis is real and needs to be dealt with quickly. It highlights international engagement being core to this. It establishes once again that the Climate Crisis will be core to National Security and Foreign Policy. It also seeks to build resilience domestically and internationally. 6 Section 101 Executive Order 14008 It then states a return to the Paris Agreement that as been expected. Also that they will follow the goals of that agreement. 7 Section 102 Executive order 14008

On top of the goals of the agreement the Biden Administration will also do more.

  1. Host an early leaders meeting focusing on the climate crisis and contribute to UN climate meetings.
  2. Broad participation in other causes around green energy. This seems to be more focused on green economic purposes.
  3. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate has been created. It then claims this is proof of the commitment to the issue.
  4. Push climate change discussions in numerous other geopolitical treaties. This would require discussion of climate in numerous treaties.
  5. More Paris climate agreement focused goals.
  6. Then most interestingly the following “The United States will also immediately begin to develop a climate finance plan, making strategic use of multilateral and bilateral channels and institutions, to assist developing countries in implementing ambitious emissions reduction measures, protecting critical ecosystems, building resilience against the impacts of climate change, and promoting the flow of capital toward climate-aligned investments and away from high-carbon investments.”

The executive order then breaks down what certain parts of the government will do. This highlights that this is not just talking about the issue but designed to actually start getting action done.

The Sectary of the Treasury:

-Ensure that the United States is in the right international fora and institutions.

-Work out how to use the economic might of the United States and economic treaties for the purposes of climate change.

-Some targeted action around the Amazon rainforest. This seems to be in reference to the large fires that where reported in the mainstream media. It talks about perhaps using market based solutions.

-Working with other relevant areas they will attempt to work out how to end the international financing of carbon intensive fossil fuels based energy. This is a very interesting development and is the government getting involved in markets. (This is very important)

-Preparing a transmittal package for agreements. Regarding the phasedown of the production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbons. 8 G Section 102 Executive 14008

The next section is about how Biden is seeking to make it part of the national security. Naturally, this would boost the amount of funding that it receives. It talks about the plans that need to be created. The Director of National Intelligence will also need to make a plan that includes the impact of climate change. 9 Section 103 Executive 14008

Another plan about the security risks of climate has been requested. These reports however will make the defensive parts of the government focus on climate. It also includes a small section that highlights the Artic which is becoming a point of major issues among US diplomatic policy. With climate change possibly changing the condition in the Artic the issues will only grow. 10 Section 103 Executive Order 14008

The next section makes a pitch about the importance of climate change and the possibilities that could come from this. This seems to be more political spin. It highlights a government wide approach but this section appears to be more political talking point. Perhaps this section can be used to see the motivations of President Joe Biden. 11 Section 201 Executive Order 14008

Very Important Office Is Created Right In The Middle

However, like most bills, we are getting to the very interesting stuff. A new office of the President is being created that will act on his authority. It is a top level authority meaning that those under it must comply with this. The White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy will serve the President’s goals and is to be organized with a staff headed by the Assistant to the President and National Climate Advisor (National Climate Advisor) and shall include the Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Climate Advisor. This means that the climate policy as decided by the President and with the scope of what the President wants can be pushed. 12 Section 202 Executive Order 14008

Another create entity is the National Climate Taskforce that is a massive group of different agencies that will work together. It is chaired by the National Climate Advisor which could be the position that was created under a different name. This taskforce is authorized to take numerous actions to fight the climate crisis working with all levels of the US government including Tribal. Yet it can also work with the community and individuals. “reduce climate pollution; increase resilience to the impacts of climate change; protect public health; conserve our lands, waters, oceans, and biodiversity; deliver environmental justice; and spur well-paying union jobs and economic growth.” 13 Section 203 Executive 14008

What is this limited by. To quote from the Executive order itself it is only “To the extent permitted by law,…”

Use Of The Federal Government Buying Power and Real Property And Asset Management

It starts off with a bang saying that the government will “catalyze private sector investment into, and accelerate the advancement of America’s industrial capacity to supply, domestic clean energy, buildings, vehicles, and other necessary products and materials.”

It does not state how exact it is going to do that. However, under this it talks about employment. The goal will be to create good paying jobs and also empower the clean energy sector. It also brings two goals of a Carbon pollution free electricity sector no later than 2035. Also zero emission car fleet for governments at all levels. It also states that if new laws are required that they should be planned. Before ending it also adds that union jobs should also be created as part of this grand plan. 14 Section 205 Executive Order 14008

The next section details what should be done with the resources of the United States. Mostly it is to consider the climate impact and not allow direct subsidies for fossil fuels. Then ends with more plans being ordered to be made and support for state and local governments to make their own plans. More paperwork and increasing this orders size. 15 Section 206-210 Executive Order 14008

Disappointing Workers Section (Big Words Nothing Given)

A lot is made out about how Union and good paying jobs are going to be key in the future. It does not give any direct promises. It makes statements about promised future projects but does not give any actual commitments. Its lot of nice emotional words that add up to nothing. 16 Section 212-214 Executive Order 14008

The creation of a Civilian Climate Corpse that will provide training and mobilization of a massive amount of workers. These will be used for large next generation programs. 17 Section 215 Executive Order 14008 This is paired with other programs that follow under this that talk about new opportunities that could come to those communities. Yet apart from planning and promises it does not give any actual programs or actions that will occur. They also copy each other with their promises despite being different ideas. 18 Section 217-218 Executive Order 14008

Securing Environmental Justice And Spurring Economic Opportunities:

This section is full of administrative terms and orders even more plans to be created. Then it mentions equality and privilege. It is easy to overlook at first however a very important and legally binding statement is made in the midst of the boring and overcomplicated commands that are being given. It is that another team that Biden is establishing will work out underprivileged areas and then provide a recommendation for how funding can be pushed into them. The end goal is that 40 percent of Federal Funding goes to the underprivileged areas that they define. How they define them is left vague. 19 Section 223 Executive Order 14008

There are other elements and lots of planning and making committees. It is beyond Rebuilding Romes ability to work out if any of these are very important. The flow chart of the American government is incredibly complicated and it is possible that a massive change has been hidden in this. Executive Orders have increasingly been used and allow laws to come in quickly. This increases the chance of bad oversight and extreme changes.