The After Election Guilty

Since the end of the 2020 US Presidential Election, there has been a flood of negative information about numerous individuals. There are three main groups, you can put them in. The first is one that is not interesting for the topic of this article. They are the ones who have done something since the election, and they are not of interest. What is being covered not existing in the past is the reason it is done now. Yet the two other groups are the convenient delay and new law victims. Both show core parts of the current media machine and how heavily manipulated information flow is.

Excuses For How This Happens

Pointing out that sudden individuals have become guilty will trigger excuses for why it suddenly has happened. Excluding what did not exist to be covered, they are hollow reasons. First, the information was not as important as the 50th article about what Donald Trump said. When you look at the extent that both sides’ media have gone to cover every possible conspiracy and convoluted scheme around Donald Trump, it is evident that they had more than enough space. This excuse does not make sense when the information comes out after the election. If the capacity to cover significant electoral information did not exist during the election where traffic is up, then it makes no sense that it can suddenly occur afterwards.

The second is that the topic did not matter and in future different things matter. While this could be true for some issues and the right amount of length, it is unlikely that in a couple of months since the election that the culture has radically shifted one way or another. What has changed is the use of certain people (the governor of New York, for example) and where society’s power now lies. Now specific individuals or groups can be let go or distance from when not in an electoral struggle. Also, with the power now behind them, they can go after people without fear of action or electoral consequences. The situation has changed, but that has only impacted the media willingness to share the information and not the need for it.

The Convenient Forgotten

This group includes numerous political figures that now have scandals starting to appear. Perhaps the best example is the now disgraced Lincoln Project that faces growing numbers of allegations. As previously mentioned, the New York response has an increasing amount of concern stemming from its aged care treatment. These were not important when the election was happening due to the belief in the media that all focus had to be on toppling Donald Trump. Yet just because they want after that goal does not mean that there are no consequences for the delay.

A lesser consequence is that alleged victims of the Lincoln project could have been harmed. The fact that they where used to swing opinion and possibly the election should also be noted. Yet this pales in comparison to the heartbreaking impact of covering up New Yorks mismanagement. Numerous elders likely have been practically sentenced to death. All the while the media did not want to dig as he was made into Democrat hero and counter to the allegedly President Trump’s inaction. The public needed to know that some serious problems were happening in New York. To release now is already too late for too many people.

New Targets

Cancel culture did not start with Joe Biden claiming victory in the 2020 election. However, the forces behind it have been empowered. The capital storming provided the perfect reasoning for many employers to fire Pro-Trump Employees. Disney famously recently fired Gina Carano due to an Instagram post; however, sought to get rid of her as she was held up as a conservative. Many corporations are cleaning up by getting rid of people who are causing harm with their opinions according to activists. The narrative that had been pushed to oppose President Trump has not ended and if anything has only grown stronger.

The Biden Administration also has started to push programs that it never announced during the election. This was due to a lack of media intensity and the way that the Biden camp acted during the election. It is not surprising that they did not want to answer questions. The concerning and unusual element is that the media seems to not want to ask any hard questions. Now that Biden is in the Whitehouse, we are still only seeing some of his often way more extreme policies now that he has taken power.

The media increasingly is failing to keep the publics trust. Yet also seem to increasingly not want to do the job of the reporting the news and informing the public. Marketing has become a haven for the shrinking media sector. Yet market serves to push agenda laced with spin. As real information decreases, the cost of misinformation only grows.