Disinformation Builds In Asia

At the current moment, Asia is experience tensions that bring back painful memories of the Vietnam War and World War 2. China has been making massive moves as it steps up its Wolf Warrior diplomacy. Yet starting under President Obama and then stepped up during President Trump, the United States has also moved into the region. During this tense time misinformation is becoming more likely, and as demonstrated by the Communist Party of China’s Properganda will also be intentional. This has the potential for the immense loss. We need to fight for the truth during this time.

Eager Wardogs

One of the first facts that need to be understood is that a particular part of the American government and business interests profit from wars. As seen with the War on Terror, they can push policy and other actions. A war with China represents a new glorious battlefield and something that would distract from domestic concerns. Unlike the Soviet Union, there is also a perception that this would not be a Mutually Assured Destruction situation. Standing up to a great evil if done for the right reasons and with the right preparations is noble. Yet if the tensions in Asia are thrown into a war for the purposes of profit and power, then we have already lost.

We have to be careful that righteous anger and concerns are not taken by those who want another conflict. These emotions could be directed to another quagmire or a pointless conflict that does not deal with the problems. With something as serious as a potential massive conflict in Asia it has to be done right. Too much is on the line if we rush to a conclusion or enter conflicts for the wrong reasons. Powerful interests wish to twist our patriotism to serve their own ends. We have manipulated for some time. This time we need to be careful and make our own choices.

Chinese Communist Lies

A quick look online will show the highly developed propaganda that China has produced against Australia. Yet this has also been seen with the attempt to get Youtube to pull down videos and even channels that are against its narrative. This has been paired with pressure on other social platforms to get rid of narratives that would hurt the Chinese party. How this has been achieved seems to be a mixture of monetary stress and political pressure. Yet it can be seen across the world in numerous locations. The message of the CCP can be found anywhere if you look hard enough.

If China wants war is hard to work out. Looking at the official language will reveal statements that seem to be a call to arms. Frequently its diplomatic actions are extreme and forceful for modern times. Yet this is paired with statements declaring that China just wants peace and non-interference. It’s a confusing message if taken honestly. However, if you look at what is left unseen, you get a more understandable picture. China is unwilling to go to war but will use the threat of force for as long as it is able. When it comes to everything short of physical war, they will do it. For the moment however they will avoid a physical conflict that would end badly.

A Real Need For Standing Up Exists

While both the above increase tensions there are natural reasons for why those tensions should increase. The crimes of the CCP have been well documented at this point. It subjects its ethnic minorities to horrible camps and its workers are some of the most abused. Living conditions in some areas of the country away from the fancy skyscrapers are also desperate. What is happening to the Chinese people and especially those who do not fit the mould is straight out of the dystopian fiction section.

Already governments outside of China have used them as an example. In the developing world governments who use force to remain in power rely on Chinese support. In the West governments eye the ability to police and control their population with a great sense of envy. With so many threats being found, many Western governments wish they could use the same amount of force on them. What is allowed to happen in China will creep into our nations and change how we live.

It is a very tense time in Asia. Lying and being manipulated by either of the two forces only makes the situation worse. Being honest about what we are dealing with and the risks is the way forward. Lies about what the lines in the sand make it harder to find a solution. With so many lives and futures on the line, we want a good solution. Naturally very powerful forces do not want the truth to be out there for the public to make rational choices with their support.