Corporate America Is Murdering Small America

The self employed class has been brutally attacked during Covid19. All the while their competitors have received constant assistance and the market that has been made into their advantage. Into this environment, a distributing trend and image can be made out. When one looks at the wider implications of these choices the business environment and American society seems increasingly to be changing.

Big Business Joe

Joe Biden has stated that he wishes to have one of the most progressive stays in the White House. Yet he also received a immense amount of funding from massive firms and Wallstreet bankers. This support from the business community is not something that the Democrats have tried to hide or distance themselves from. It is instead viewed as a sign that their ideas are better then the Republicans who are loosing those big supporter. Yet that support comes with strings and expectations that will be used.

Big business does not mind many of the social policies of the Democrats. Those are likely to be pushed as many of the requirements for those social policies are not expensive for the big firms to do. Installing different toilet layouts is something that Wallmart and other big firms can easily afford while smaller shops would see this as a massive investment. Even the actions taken to stop the spread of Covid19 did not hurt big business as much, who often are allowed to stay open much longer.

Technology Push Seized

Small firms in many ways have a advantage when it comes to adopting tech. Due to their smaller size they can make the large changes needed to better enjoy the benefits of technology. Yet technology is increasingly being focused on big companies. Microsoft and Google are massive enterprises who much rather chase a big name brand then create tools that help small business. Tech a wider sense is becoming focused on large projects. Also tech companies are now placing a increasing amount of demands on the people that they work with. This could be censoring certain ideas or even having to follow certain values.

These values naturally suit the cookie cutter business progressive American ethics. For small business that could be from numerous cultures and religions, this is becoming a handicap. Their individuality is part of the vibrancy of the US business scene but moving to a mono culture that is being created is brutal. The government naturally quite likes the fact that this accepted corporate culture is being pushed from sea to shining sea. In many ways, it envies that private big business can push those culturally ideas without pesky restrictions of the constitution.

Just More Complicated World?

There is an argument that small business may just not be able to keep up in a world that has gotten more complicated. Products come from across the world and numerous factors have to be taken in. Laws are changing with more restrictions for what some consider the right reasons. Perhaps small business is just not able to meet the demands of the modern world with all that factored in. When working with big business and a big state this is certainly true. However, if working with other small business in the right environment, small business has the staying power and can be great for the local people.

It is too easy to say that the modern world is too different from the past. It is also quite convenient for those big firms. When look back at the past there are predatory massive companies that tried to bend American society into a new shape. It is quite easy to see with those companies where fought and broken apart, why modern American big business’s want us to forget. Our current situation is not the same as the 20th however we could learn quite a lot.

If the modern trend continue then the small business America that powered so much of the prosperity will be gone. It will be replaced by massive big business that pushes a singular culture and gets rid of some of the independence that America is known for.