Hope Grows As System Shakes

Alt tech and crypto currency have both seen a massive growth and a wave of new attention since the Covid19 pandemic and lockdowns that came with that started. A quick look at the price of bitcoin demonstrates this increase of focus. Yet the mass printing of sovereign currency has started to enter the mainstream discussion despite efforts to suppress it. This new individuals coming new beliefs is a powerful moment. What comes next could be quite impressive even if it is uncontrolled.

Mocking Those Established Interests:

Wallstreet Bets and Dogecoin represent the two biggest examples of common people finding monetary systems a joke. Gamestop shares have been reported across the media and despite the negative tone that these articles taken they have captured the public imagination. The fact that group of users on a internet forum banded together and have spooked the established money on Wallstreet is impressive. Likely if more action is taken up the common person will have more reason to believe that it will be successful.

Yet it also highlights the power of consumers on mass to create change. This was once the domain of the environmentalist movements who tried to push for environmental standards in products. This is a different movement where the money is targeted on the investment side and the atmosphere of collect monetary action is even more enhanced. It shows that a great many anonymous users can work together to create real change that involves money. This changes the ballgame when it comes to future projects and ideas.

Other Projects See Hope

Moving people from their normal lives and normal functions is one of the hardest tasks. It is very easy for a large amount of the population to be distracted. Yet modern culture paired with the lockdowns and power grabs has shaken awake many people sleeping behind the wheel. On both sides of the political aisle a great many have realized that a large amount of work is needed. The economic system that has worked for established interests for quite some time now faces a attack by the standard left wing communist narrative and new assertive broad right wing argument.

Our modern system of corporatism is increasingly finding itself exposed. Yet it has won greatly during Covid19. While small business found itself locked out the big firms have just seen growth as they capture those sales. Yet many people have realized this ploy and the fact that big tech in a great many ways serve the government interests of a few ideological groups. Projects challenging this has seen a surge interest and money. Time will tell if those who noticed the current state of the situation will remain active or if they will give in under pressure and with the promise of rewards.

Gamestop and Dogecoin are a interesting examples of the masses pushing certain items. The people have demonstrated that they will put their money where they mouth is. Now great projects should use the seeds that have been sown and push for even greater things.