The Peoples Future?

Many powerful groups and individuals have commented about the plans to have a great change or reset of society. They see the problems that Covid19 has made worse as an epidemic and needing a mass restructuring. This has been paired with a steady increase in state power or top level power. They see this as the moment to push through a large selection of the policy that they had been unable to push through before. Yet the lockdowns and Covid19 have also allowed numerous individuals to think through their current life and also previously held beliefs. As the elites find their own plans not finding the support and also not moving forward, the people’s plans may be the ones that end up victorious.

Rebuilding And Recovering

Many people have found their dreams and pride destroyed by the lockdowns and economic hardship is increasing. Even with the stock rebound many of the normal functions of the economy have not been able to or been allowed to continue. For many 2021 is going to be trying to come back from the damage that they received. For some 2021 might be where they are unable to continue after surviving an entire year in some of the harshest climates for some sectors. A large number of people are going to have to work out if they will want to or able to bring back a dead business. If they are unable to do that then the question of what they now do is raised. For many, it is going to be quite different from what they had been doing before.

This brings with it the chance that people will be able to start doing interesting projects. While many businesses have been destroyed during Covid19 we may see the spark of new ideas that come as people look for something else to do. With a large number of people changing jobs, we may also see other companies take on more staff and expand in ways that never would have been possible before. This expansion could lead to new market leaders and products. The hope is that those with great talent will be able to rebuild what has been lost and people will move onto better jobs. It should be noted however that the future of some is going to be quite rough.

Refocus On Their Values

For many 2020 has allowed them the different to the norm to think about ideas and ideals that they had not had the time or motivation to think about. This has seen people connecting to faith and philosophy in different ways. The hope is that this will continue even as the crisis that prompted this discovery. Perhaps people now will have new perspectives on old challenges. With mental illness and stress growing steadily and likely not helped by the pandemic people having deeper connections and foundations could be a great assistance. It may also see different answers that would not have been thought of or defended be pushed in our political and social spheres.

Time can often give us a new perspective of an event or situation. Perhaps many problems that seemed to have a set solution will now seem to have new ones. Despite the claims that around the world there has been a failure to work together, there has been a success of local solutions and local issues being dealt with. Perhaps the spirit of community that was used for the lockdown could be used for projects that do not destroy the community. There are certainly other issues that could use the community working together.

2021 seems to have some of the old challenges along with new ones that have appeared. However with the power of the elites in many cases rocked or put under new pressure possibilities are being opened up. Time will tell how this chance is seized upon. Certainly, 2021 seems to be demanding its own focus so far.