Investigation: Discovering Dominion Voting Systems

Dominion Voting Systems became a contested part of the 2020 US Presidential Election. It provided the vote machines for numerous counties across the United States 1 President Donald Trump made claims about the system with one tweet stating “Dominion is running our Election. Rigged!” 2 The company has denied these claims stating that they have not involved in election fraud and that their systems are safe3 . The founding of this company is an interesting journey and provides a new perspective to the discussion around trust and confidence in it. It involves links to another company in a nation that is regarded as a tax haven 4 . Yet before we present what we have discovered about this company we will let them speak. Due to its own statement of their history being so limited, we will publish in full, “Founded in 2003,…” 5 .


The Panama Papers does not disclose: “The database does not divulge raw documents or personal information en masse. It contains a great deal of information about company owners, proxies and intermediaries in secrecy jurisdictions, but it doesn’t disclose bank accounts, email exchanges and financial transactions contained in the documents.” 6

Rebuilding Rome trusts the Panama papers due to the fact that successful convictions and trials have occurred from the leak. We recommend looking at the site itself and the project for further information. Rebuilding Rome also does not imply that any illegal acts have been undertaken or that individuals have participated in other claims. This is an educational resource about a company that has risen to prominence. Rebuilding Rome does resources or mandate to make those claims or investigate them. 

Early Company History:

According to a court document, the current CEO of Dominion Voting since 2008 or 2009 is John Poulos. The title was created in 2008 and Mr Poulos appears to have been serving from 2009. 7 This source links to an original document that was signed. This touches on the wider issues when it comes to investigating this company. Other sites will not provide their own sources when they make claim about dominion. Some will link to other sites or articles that also do not link about their claims. In regards to John Poulos he often is cited as the company founder yet he was not the CEO the entire time. We cannot find any information about the earlier company makeup of dominion voting before 2009/2008. The fact that the company organisation and structure is so hard to make out should be kept in mind for other information that is present.

If you have a primary source about Dominion Voting Systems early company history please reach out and after confirmation we will update our article. This does not include other articles who do not cite their source.

The Past Made More Complicated

All of these images appear to be about the same company. However the information changes between them. Digging into the company history different claims about when it was founded and other crucial details appear.

This appears to be the earlier company in Canada

A crucial problem comes from this. It is the fact that Dominion by its own statements was not founded in 2009. This means that the company has changed or the data is wrong. We believe that the company has undergone numerous changes and with that new spin off companies have been created. This further indicates that it is not a single simple same company for its full existence. It also undermines those who would claim that the company would not engage in different legal and complicated organizational changes.

Same Name and More Than Just That

With it already being established that Dominion appears open to unorthodox company structures/restructuring. It is therefore really interesting to talk about another company that was created soon after John Poulos took charge. Yet this is not in America or Canada but instead is in a small tropical island of Barbados. It is often regarded as a tax haven and also suited more private and murky deals 10

Ian MacVicar is the name that links Dominion Voting Systems (the normal one). He was the Chief Financial Officer and was on a since deleted management page 11 However, he is also listed as the director of Dominion Voting Systems International Corporation 12 This ties the company to one that operates outside of the US and also the disclosed information. The CEO of the American Dominion could easily claim that he had nothing to do with anything the international one. An example of this could be the countries that they have done business with. A look into the location and other individuals associated seem to highlight the murky nature of this non American company. Other companies use the same business locations and also the same other directors.

What exactly these details mean in relation to the US election depends on what the reader believes. However, it highlights the fact that the companies that are involved in American democracy are often more complicated then what is claimed. Honest research and questions have a grounding in this murkiness. The fact that it takes quite an effort to find out the basic history of one of the crucial companies within the US election raises questions itself.