Report: UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock Statement on New Variant

The British Government announced that tests discovered a new form of Covid19. However, unlike other media outlets that have reported this without the source and context, we will publish the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancocks statement and link to the source.

Source: COVID-19 update by Health Secretary Matt Hancock – 14th December 2020

Timestamp Recommendation 19:45-22:31

Firstly Matt Hancock reaffirmed that UK governments position to deal with the Covid19 crisis. Unlike other countries, the UK has embraced the latest vaccines to try and stop the most spread possible.
“We can now roll out the Vaccine, which will set us free.”
-Matt Hancock Health Sectary UK (HS UK)

Yet he then informs the house of commons about the new type of Covid19. It appears to have a faster spread rate.
“We have identified a new variant of Coronavirus, which may be associated with the spread in the South of England. Initial analysis suggests that this variant is growing faster than existing variants.”
-Matt Hancock HS UK

This new type is mostly in Southern England; however, has reached other areas.
“Cases have been discovered in nearly 60 local areas, and numbers are increasing rapidly.”
-Matt Hancock HS UK

The UK, however, is not the first to have a similar variant.
“Similar variants have been identified in other countries in the past months.”
-Matt Hancock HS UK

Many media outlets have wondered what this will do for vaccine rollout across the world and inside of the UK. It should be noted outside of Matt Hancock’s statement that variants already have existed and likely will continue to appear naturally. The question remains how much change these variants will have and if this will hamper eradication efforts. For this particular variant, however, there is a simple answer.
“the latest advice states that it is highly unlikely that this mutation would fail to respond to a vaccine.”
-Matt Hancock HS UK

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