Our Critical Moment In Time

History can throw up notable dates and events that stick into our memory or what we study. Yet the buildup that occurs before these points is often overlooked. Since the 2016 election, there has been a feeling that we are in one of those buildup periods. The strangeness of events and results that are different from the expected has become routine. This state of being is an indicator of the fact that we are in the buildup. Covid19 is the trigger event with many forces now seeking to have significant changes occur or seize new powers. Tensions around the globe have only increased with conflicts breaking out on a minor scale with major nations also seeing an increase between themselves. Discussions at the moment focus on the present day, and while this is important, we also need to view this as a significant time. The costs are undoubtedly high.

Past Moments Highlight Importance:

The consequences of past critical choices are evident in our modern time. Despite what some may wish to think this includes a mixture of positive and negative news. Both World Wars saw the destruction of the confidence of the European system and eventually, the Empires that came from the continent. While technological improvements and changes in the domestic functions of the home and colonial nations could be other reasons, the choices that brought Europe into those two brutal conflicts change what came after. A well known criticism for the post empire world is the borders and how they impacted the new nation’s future after independence. Further back in history, the lessons learned in Rome would later be used by the Kings of Europe and even the early United States. An entire genre has been formed from alt-history that highlights the importance of those choices.

Questions Of Goals:

The Nation States have always had some broader purpose of aiming for and working towards. The monarch historically would make this choice; however later, the systems of the State and then elected bodies took on this role. Sometimes the people of the State would have a large role in working out the next move although often it came from above. Conflict indeed occurred yet it also gave some guiding principles for society. These have been refined over time to be less destructive. With the most peaceful and positive being the space race that shifted tensions from the Soviet Union and the United States into pushing humanity forward.

It was something that children and also adults could dream about. Now children are scared with the horrors of the climate change narrative. The focus is not on bold, brave solutions but instead the horrors that can be thrown up. A doomsday that pushed upon them that seeks to create an environment of despair. Hope has been under threat by some since the end of the First World War. It is now, however, able to find the ground and change the narrative and goals of our time. Despair cannot continue to be allowed to grow if we want to achieve great things and succeed against the challenges put against us. If we think that we are doomed, then no resistance will be offered against those who seek to make our modern choices negative to have negative consequences come after.

Resistance Against Reality Only Has Some Time

Our money is worth nothing, and most essential discussions do not focus on some critical problems that we are facing. A large amount of time is being wasted by individuals not even enjoying themselves. Pointless debates and discussions undermine real change and progress that can be achieved. Lies are being pushed on people as a focus is more on pushing agendas then achieving anything else. This is robbing us of the critical discussions and knowledge that could be put towards important actions and goals.

We are so focused on fighting ourselves internally that rivals that seek to destroy the modern world are being allowed to grow stronger. In fact, in many ways, we are funding the forces that wish to destroy everything for their own mad quest for power. This will mean that in the future, when a struggle occurs that it will be harder for victory to be achieved. The cost only grows as we fuel future forces that will be battled. For a look at important developments, we recommend one of our past articles that cover them:

Our moment in time is going to be something that sets the tone for the future. Many forces see this as there time to push for their own goals. Focus on what is happening is crucial. Every generation and every time has its own struggles. It appears after pandemic and insane technological progress we are coming to our own one.