Potential For Hope This Christmas

This year is commonly accepted as being quite the hard year. Covid19 and the crushing lockdowns has ended many plans and also taken lives. From Fortune 500 companies to individuals in small towns, no one really predicted that this was going to happen. With the recent election only seeming to increase tensions leaving many people unhappy and worried about the future. The mood remains grim as we head towards the end of the year. Yet in the end of the year like years before there is great potential and hope that it will be different to what has come before. The challenges we have faced will likely continue yet there is great possibility in the finial month of the year.

End Of Election Heat

This remains an unknown variable as we head towards the end of the year. US politics remain quite tense with the election and result in itself being questioned by many. It is unlikely that politics will leave or even decrease, but it is going to be different from what happened before. The past two elections have been more involved and impossible to escape compared to previous ones. All parts of individuals lives have been touched and increasingly dominated by political discussion. Now that the election is over there in the hope that it will return to its place as part of peoples lives but not everywhere. The holiday season may allow different parts of our lives to come to the focus and provide some balance to what is increasingly is a politicized existence.

For those with family members who have taken a different side, this could also offer the chance for bridges to be rebuilt. While various issues continue to pull people apart, perhaps this holiday season can allow people to move past this for those they are close to. A concern for those who are hoping for this, is the fact that the fight for the election result is gearing up and will likely continue for the rest of the year and into the next. This is perhaps the most vulnerable or unlikely outcome for Christmas but many will be hoping for it.

Return To Things Above

America is still a religious and spiritual nation despite rising level of disbelief in some areas. While the exact beliefs have changed and also have gotten more complicated Christmas represents a special time for both the secular, christian and none. This may allow people to look to their values and also their inspirations and perhaps conduct themselves not just for politics but for their wider beliefs. It could provide perspective of what should come next and perhaps what is done in the next year. This grounding is important in our current times and after the events of the year. Christmas normally sees people reconnected with what has been ignored or pushed to the back during their normal lives.

For some they feel lost as we enter the last months. Causes and the future that had been believed to be absolute have been exposed as being vulnerable or wrong. While we have our political thoughts and opinions there is a different side of us when it comes to our spirituality and for some they could have been neglecting it for quite some time. Reading and hearing messages that focus on different issues and provide different solutions could be the breathe of fresh air that many are looking for. Allowing people to recharge and get ready for what is going to lie in the future.

Hopefully Developments To Greet The New Year

Medical developments have steadily occurred over the year as more information about Covid19 was found. This has seem some promising signs when it comes to treatment and also the prevention. However many governments and business’s hold that a vaccine that works is the only way that the lockdowns and restrictions could be lifted and that life could be allowed to return to normal. The goal is seeming more likely as positive news from a few of the teams that have been racing to find one is coming out. While it is going to take a while for the vaccines to be made it could mean that as we head into the new year we have the possibility of things returning to normal sooner that what was expected.

An economic recovery is also possible. Stock markets have a confidence in them for the moment and it is possible. With some many business’s that have been shut down it is possible that this trend will stop and a reverse start to be seen. For many business’s the possibility of Christmas sales could also be the lifeline that they are needing after a very rough year. While the economy currently is pretty uncertain, over Christmas the possibility for a good time is real.

Concerns for the last month and early next year are easy to find. Hopefully this has highlighted some potential good that can appear as we end this year. For those in the thick of the fight remember that to maintain energy you need to look after yourself. Stay committed to what you believe but also enjoy one of the most important times of the years.