New Future For Conservatives

Counting votes from the election is still occurring long after the expected time. Looking at conservative circles, you can already see the impact. Emotions and opinions are running high at the moment. Different ideas and policies will appear after emotions fade, or more discussions occur. These challenges will need to be addressed and understood for the momentum of the Trump years to not be lost. Regardless of the end result of the election, the turnout alone shows an increase in passion.

Fading Donald:

Donald Trump has been dominant in the discussion of American life. On every policy and every news story, the President loams large. Often he makes the news story and captures the medias attention. Yet regardless of what of if he is in the White House this term, he will eventually have to go. President Obama demonstrated that Past Presidents could comment on current political issues, and with Donald Trump’s Twitter takes, it is likely it will continue. Yet new leaders will need to be found for the next Presidental race. What stances these new leaders have on Donald Trump likely will depend on the current election result and anything that could be revealed or occur in the next term.

Political leaders after Donald are likely to be a heated fight. The Republican party has changed since he won the nomination with a new style of Republicans taking office and also political positions. Established figures of the party may seek to regain control after years of being pushed to the edges and forced to adopt new positions and problems during the Trump years. There could be struggles for power and infighting. Similar to the one that the democrats have gone through since the 2016 election that has hurt the party. The intensity should be expected to be larger.

Question Of Policy And Agenda:

Under Trump policy has focused on the broad goal of “Making America great again”. From initial vagueness, it has been fleshed out over the 2016 election and during his term. Less war and more focus on American interests have been a cornerstone. Some of the conservatives have adopted these positions, and others held them before Donald Trump. Direct communication with his followers was another well known part. How Republicans handle this in the future remains unknown. At the same time, many have criticised the robust and often spontaneous outbursts of his Twitter. Taking from Donald Trump is going to be a burden and also gift for the future Conservatives.

It should be expected that the left wing will use lessons from the Trump years. Expect a large number of references about the worst elements and this to be compared with future Republicans. The power of mobilizing the left is also something that will most likely be copied. Any ability to link future conservatives will be used. The greatest hits of Trump scandals will likely be played by the media to remind people around election time of what occurred to get them out for the latest struggles. If Trump is remembered fondly, then attempts will be made to change these thoughts. The future of the conservatives will be in responding or reminding depending on how current events occur and what people think of them.

Preservation Of Unity:

Despite some notable exceptions the Republican party has managed to keep a decent amount of unity. Even with disagreements that are occurring, the Republicans managed to keep up a united front. This has been quite a challenge, however, has been managed during the Trump term. Without a strong figure to lead them, it is possible that fragmentation into divided interests will occur. Keeping unity without that strong position is going to be hard for those who have gotten used to just following the position that is set. Ideally adopting positions beyond one interests can allow the best and most creative ideas to reach the floor from the conservative side.

What challenges the Republicans choose to take on is also going to be a test of unity. Donald focused heavily on immigration during his term in office. China was also another challenge that was taken. Yet some within the party may wish to go back to other issues and move away from the constant controversies of the Trump years. Depending on what public reaction was believed to be will likely heavily influence what choices are made. Yet some new Republicans may not accept moving away from the issues that have won them their support and are tied to those controversies.

Seizing Tech For The Future:

In the past election, many conservatives realised the power of big tech. Concerns grew about how it was being used. Social media has captured the focus on conservative media due to the direct influence that comes from it. However, other technologies should also be focused upon. Advancements in space technology often the potential for insane growth with virtual reality also a looming technology. The disadvantage of not having conservatives with social media is evident letting down in other advancements is not acceptable. We talked about the future of technology in another blog that you can find here:

The future for the Republican party remains uncertain. With the election results themselves still being firmly up in the air for the moment. Many conservatives are focusing on what should be done in the future. This could be the perfect time assuming the best for conservative groups to look to the future and make some plans. Having some idea of the steps forward will create a smoother transition and also assist with future problems.