Freedom Beyond Speech

When you go to the rapidly growing alternate technology social media sites you are certain to see a large amount of conservative and libertarian content. Unfortunately you may also see more extreme views (although calls for harm to another person can quickly be found on twitter). Yet the oppression of big tech has not just been on political groups and political topics. Many other communities have been hit hard by the lurch to censor and control. While the baseline political talk is encouraged and a essential part of alt tech it should not be viewed as the only reason to limit big tech power. This post explores some of the communities I recommend looking for them on the more quiet corners of the site if you are more focused on politics. Your news feed might have a bit more colour.

Gaming The Forefront Of The Internet Culture War

It is little surprise that this community is one that has become hurt by politicization of society and numerous social issues. Gaming has many points made against it. From the fears about the creation of violence, to allegations about a toxic culture that gaming creates. Media attacks on gaming have been around almost as long as the industry itself and have scaled with the industry. It had been hoped with wider adoption of gaming that these attacks would stop. This has not occurred, with the sectors media constantly attacking. Conflict is a core part of gaming news as fans, developers and the media clash on numerous topics. A quick look at popular gaming topics on Youtube or other platforms will show the latest controversial statements or new policy from a studio.

With a crackdown on the images and topics that are allowed to be shared online it also possible to see violence in games themselves become censored due to that. Certain themes are also becoming banned as topics become attached to politics and then the message is censored. Already gaming media has attacked certain themes or tropes that they believe are harmful. If this continues the entire aspect of games stories may have to be changed to fight against perceived harmful messages or to remove the harm to avoid actions taken against the company.

Novels And Their Authors

With social media authors have been able to interact with their fans in new ways. This has allowed them to see the community that adores their works and answer questions at a higher rate. While this existed before, with a example being Tolkien accepting numerous letters after writing the Lord of The Rings. This however means that fans can better know their authors with social media allowing the authors current thoughts on a issue to reach more fans and also be done much easier. In the past to find out a cultural figures opinions the figure would have to want to get them out and the fan would have to stumble into them. Now all it takes is to go to a figures twitter feed or have it appear in your own feeds when they provide the latest take on a issue.

This has also seen authors clarify the meaning in their books, once again this was around before. However this has seen authors change parts of their book to win political favor to appeal more to the current climate. Due to some authors doing this other ones are now being pressure to change what they wrote to better align with the current standards and goals that are being sort. Many classics are viewed as outdated and problematic due to some of the cultural aspects and parts of the stories themselves. This has seen mention and discussion of them be prevented or focused on the problems that come with that. Banned books and moves against literature are also becoming parts of social media.

Unpolitical Products Make Points:

This has been a unusual trend with many companies that have not needed to take political positions for their product choosing to do so. This has seen many individuals use the phrase “Go Woke, Go Broke”. However companies that are deemed to hold conservative views that are seen as unacceptable have also been targeted. This could be due to religious or political convictions. Famously this has seen bakers, wedding magazines thrown to the fire, as their views reached the public for debate and then censorship.

Another problem that has been reported is the corporate pressure to issue statements of support to certain causes. Those who refuse to make statements will come under attack themselves with the most recent being a crypto currency exchange that came under pressure to issue a statement on the US election. Marketing companies have also pulled out of the US market viewing the current situation in the country as too toxic citing the environment that social media has provided to brands.

Modern censorship seems to be a growing part of our lives. Already across numerous sectors and communities the effects can be seen. How far this goes remains uncertain and will depend which ideas are accepted by people and also what legal protection of dissent are made against tech companies. One thing should be viewed as certain is that the tech companies will fight any attempt to limit their power.