Dying Privilege Of The Empty Mind

Recent studies and the data that we can see are demonstrating a growing crisis that is hidden behind closed doors and lips. It is one that hits closer to home for many of us than distant economics and political causes. People are more stressed and coping less than before. While this post does not attempt to be the final authority on these matters it does point out concerning elements that are only adding fuel to the fire. Evidence of if this is intentional or by accident is beyond the scope of Rebuilding Rome however we encourage more thought on these topics.

Consumption Of Free Time:

Right this moment you most likely have a device that is one of the most powerful tools that humanity has ever produce and especially mass-produced. It is a communication device that allows you to be reached anywhere. However, if you are working then a certain expectation exists that you WILL be able to be reached at any time. Even outside of work there is a general assumption that you can be reached at any time anywhere that you go. Children are being taught that to walk outside of their homes without a phone is foolish and/or dangerous. That tool in many ways has become part of your life and must always be with you. A concerning implication is how many instructions do you give that tool verse how many it commands you. If it made a nice right now you would stop to see what it requires you to do.

Being on call is an explicit part of some roles and some business. This is a choice that the individual makes. However, this once compensated element is now becoming expected of roles that do not require this. Socially the need for rushed replies and sudden replies creates a constant level of stress. A quick look at social media will often reveal people are replying with less thought then that would have if the goal had been a proper reply. The impacts of this are immense and a proper discussion about if we wish to live in a society where you always reachable never occurred. The telephone has existed before our current state. Yet the expectation on every person to be reachable within seconds is a recent one that snuck into the minds of every single person. This, not a normal state and if it is the direction that we wish to move we need to work out better methods of coping with this.

Demand For Every Sector To Be Political/Intense:

At the moment the United States is experiencing social turmoil. While a certain level of this should be expected in a free society it has reached what seems like a new level. Advertising firms have taken the position that any forms of ads at the current moment could bring unpredictable harm that cannot be risk managed away. Many other firms have made the choice to take a direct political position with the statement being that they wish to be right or ethical on other matters. Consumers historically if ethically minded looked at the production of the product itself to then make a choice. For the modern consumer the public, private and funding becomes another set of information to consider before purchase.In all sectors if the consumer wishes to not fund political or social groups that they oppose they now find themselves doing much more research then ever before.

Even if a consumer does not care or does not want to check every item for political causes they are often being demanded to take stances. At this point wearing certain clothing or purchasing from certain brands have become a statement regardless of intent. For business owners this places them in such a sensitive postion one would instead assume was opening in a new location. However this position does not go away as success in new locations does. If anything the bigger the brand the more effort has to be placed into this. Yet no business is small enough to avoid the fear of getting caught into debates that it was not prepared for or actually has a position on. This leaks into the workforce, charity organisations and even the spiritual guidance that societies function on.

Information Denied And Hidden

The functions of modern society are very complex and complicated. Attempt to describe the functions of business deals within one nation is a hard task. Yet the difficultly is not all natural. An effort by all sectors and all parties have seen basic functions made more complicated and difficult to understand. Straight answers are not encouraged or rewarded as they blunt and crude. Everywhere one looks they see Wessel words or marketable speech. While in business or ads this can be forgiven and expected when it comes from social institutions it jarring and deeply concerning. The marketing branch has taken over and now instead of marketing reacting to the actions it is marketing that controls the actions.

What is real is also becoming a serious problem. The same event now has so many different explanations that are sometimes so distant you wonder if they are based in the same event. People increasingly are told facts that they can see no evidence of. When someone starts to doubt on one set of facts this raises the concerning and terrifying prospect that other truths can no longer be assumed. While this is certainly partly a post modern dream it is a stressful and vulnerable position. Soul searching and not just running on assumptions is very useful but there is a limit to how much people can do and also how much they should be forced to do. The truth is often grey and complicated it does not require propaganda to demonstrate this.

Meaning Made Harder:

The search for meaning never can and never should be easy. For generations, humanity has grappled at what creates purpose and what goals should be. Some of the greatest minds have commented and searched themselves. Never finding an absolute is fine. The concern is that society itself is pushing people to not care and not find meaning. If individuals themselves had to come to the conclusion that would be a sad by natural state of things. However, it seems in recent decades this push for people to not have meaning or purpose is only growing stronger. Complexity does not need to kill giving an answer it only makes the answer itself need to be complex.

It would be foolish to want to go back to the time where meaning was provided to most people from one source. Yet pushing people to not find a workable solution is just asking for devastation. You do not need all the answers but you need some things that you can work with. It is irresponsible to push people to the darkest elements that philosophy has thrown up and deprive them of peace in meaning and goals. The evidence that the move towards madness and no meaning is in. Its impacts have been catastrophic and have failed the individuals and society.

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