Return Of The Fighting French

French culture and history are full of passion and impact. While stability is undoubtedly not core to their story, it has left its mark far beyond its borders. Despite this even after independence was returned after Nazi occupation, it has not found its way to the world stage again.

In contrast to Britains policy of avoiding the futile costs of attempting to save the sinking ship of Empire, the French committed to defending each inch. When it lost almost everything, it then found itself a part of the European Union and faded from most of the world stage like many nations that have become part of the project. Yet movements within the country and internationally are starting to see the sparks to a possible roaring fire of France being great once again. The world is again watching the potential impact of this nation.

Core Of The Union:

The Germans have been viewed as the controllers of the EU experience. While they are certainly a dominate presence, they are not the only one. It is commonly agreed that if someone wanted to pass any legislation that they need to make the French agree. Often this requires the justification for why this would help the French government/people or some other policy that is proposed as a trade-off. Despite not always occurring this self-interest for a long while was deemed remarkable by EU standards. This has not happened on every single issue and certain some politicians are more loyal to the European projects than others.

By shaping European policy, France can attach itself to the future in the EU. Despite moving towards a point where there are no national governments, France has been somewhat hesitant to adopt this. Perhaps the Union can survive COVID and with France in a good place for leadership to achieve something great that France can take part in. For many people, this the extent to what they can see France and the French people achieving but much more is possible.

The Gallic Independent Trumpet:

Another possible path that an increasing number of French are considering is a future outside of the European Union. Reasons for this are numerous; some are based on opinions, and some are thinking that the EU is going to collapse. Regardless it is growing in popularity when compared to even a decade ago. Mainstream French politics now talks extensively about the role of the EU and the restrictions that come with it. The idea of the French veto and nuclear weapons becoming part of the EU stockpile was aggressively pushed back against.

An independent France would be able to make deals with the extensive partners that it has managed to preserve. France has culturally assets that would easily remain with independence from the EU. Its technology remains high with purchases continuing. French companies continue to be global forces and freed from EU regulations it is possible that they could do even better. Diplomatically France still maintains a large amount of pull with nations across the world and especially its former colonies in Africa.

Bastion/Home of French Culture:

France remains the centre of the world of French culture. With the language barrier existing with other global powers, it has managed to keep its culture healthy. While efforts have been made by Canada to become a controller, it is clear that France remains in control of that export. This places it regardless of if it remains in the EU or becomes independent with more power as long as the national identity remains. The French nation can reach across Africa and beyond and communicate with people across the world. This lack of being limited to just one nation or being forced to use English gives it a special relationship and set of opportunities.

Africa is increasingly being viewed as part of the future of France. The current government has continued moves to establish close ties with former colonies. This has included apologies for previous French acts and the returning of items that were taken from the continent. With a growing population and potential, the growth from Africa could be used to boost France. As part of the effort, making sure that Chinese influence does not grow has become a core focus. This has seen alliances with unexpected nations such as Australia to contain the Chinese far away from West Africa. With this goal, unlike many countries, they find themselves thinking beyond Europe to the broader world and far away places.

Territory Becomes Technology:

In the 20th century, much of the economic power that could be created was tied to resources and territory. This way of thinking saw massive European Empires and the French were no stranger to this. However, times have changed a large amount of the current economies potential has moved online. With the right basic infrastructure, any nation can take advantage of the almost infinite space that the internet provides. The French as a Western nation has all of the building blocks to take advantage of this and the Fourth Industrial revolution.

Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are something that the French can see. The French economy is high tech, and with European partners, a lot of possible breakthroughs are within reach. Moves into space are also a possibility although if this is going to be a French effort or something more inclusive of the rest of Europe remains to be seen. Regardless of getting involved in this can power a new wave of growth for the usually sluggish French economy that has weighed down the nation.

Potential To Be Seized:

A mixture of these different ideas could be adopted. Yet all of them rely on the French government and people actually moving towards it. A quick look at French news will reveal that is people certainly have the energy for change along with the passion for caring. France has never suffered from the apathy that affects other nations when it is in control of itself. The French do not require full stability and agreement, but they are required to start moving towards greatness to achieve it.

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