Refocusing Ourselves

Across the world, we have been beaten down by COVID and the actions taken during it. Peoples entire lives have been changed and will continue to be changed. This harm is severe and should be noted as we moved forward. Yet this break in normality is something that can not only be a cause of pain but something that some good can be made from. A lot of the business as usual that had been occurring had some growing issues. Now with this enforced break to normality, we can change and refocus ourselves. Here are some different areas that can be used.


Many people are seeking formal education during this time. This can be due to more free time during the lockdown or the fact they need to change jobs. While the costs can be extraordinary depending on location and institution, there are numerous other ways to learn skills. Websites and programs about different skills can be found online. Even if no formal bit of paper is created, then learning these skills could boost productivity. There are many experts saying that the employment market is going to get more complicated and competitive in the recovery. Learning needed elements to improve can give that edge.

Lifeskills are enough element that many people could boost. Learning different ways to cook and also gardening in these difficult times could be essential. In the past, during difficult economic times, people had skills and resources that they could fall back upon. Many of us no longer have those skills, or they are much rustier then they could be. Basic survival skills and first aid is always a useful endeavour. Looking at your personal skills and then learning more will make you better able to deal with the changes.


Many of us are not meeting our goals, or our goals themselves seem unclear. Developing discipline and clarity is essential in normal times, and especially in the times, we are in. As we have to deal with new restrictions and environments, it can be easier to establish new habits. Having a serious look at your actions during this time gives you something to do as many of us feel trapped. When you come out of lockdown, you can be surprised by the changes and benefits that you make during this time.`

We covered some ideas around lifestyle in our post here;


Many difficult questions are being asked around the world during this time. Ethics and morality are increasingly becoming core parts of the conversations. However, learning the basic systems of government in your country can also be vital. Some crucial elections and votes are going to be occurring. Becoming informed about the core issues and what to think is part of civic duty that is only getting more important. With some many different views taking advantage of the resources on hand will help ground you in the future.

Money and Business:

Despite the difficult times ahead now might be a good idea to try and get another source of income. Many online opportunities remain along with the possibility of new business’s when the lockdown ends. Planning out what you could get done and making sure that the resources are ready could give you an advantage or get you started. The recovery is going to be powered by the new growth that occurs to bounce back from all the economy that was lost. Old players are leaving many markets, getting new ideas and individuals a chance to thrive. Getting involved in the attempt to restart the engine of the economy can be a duty and also help you.

Working out how to cut costs during this time could also be a great idea. With rough times ahead getting a better control of your spending could give you a much needed edge. Leading economists are already saying that disruptions could become a norm and price inflation can jump. By making sure that you have the best deals on the products you use and tightening the belt early, it gives you time to make the adjustment.

What has been lost will never return to us; however, the future is something that we can change. Our actions will determine what more will be lost and also what can be gained.

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