Building Ourselves Up

Preparing ourselves for the recovery after COVID is going to be an essential task. Nothing seems to demonstrate that COVID is going to be the last crisis that we face in this year. Even if it is, the economic damage and recovery is going to be a challenge in itself. Many people are feeling powerless as they read stories about what has happened. The lockdown has made this worse as we are cut off from many of our family and friends. Yet the lessons that have been learned before now can be applied in our current situation. There have been worse times in human history, but being better ourselves can make them less harmful, and we can rebuild better after this.

Physically Healthier:

At the current moment, the health crisis that has gripped the world has made many individuals think more about their health. The Australia Prime minister has warned that people in the populated East Coast could face food shortages. If such a food exporting nation can face these logistical challenges, then other countries can expect to see the same. This may be the perfect time to shake up your established diet. Establishing new habits may be easier when everything is changing around you and if you have been trying to put off something now could be the time.

Any serious dependence with logistics under strain should be worked on. Smokers and other drug users should seriously consider another attempt at quitting or reduction of the usage. The same could be said for those who consume large amounts of alcohol or other substances that are unnecessary. It may not be the time to cut it all out, but it might be a perfect time to get yourself used to having less of them. If essential resources are having trouble in logistics, then other items will not be seen.

Mentally Healthy:

The impacts of the current crisis on mental health are becoming clearer, and they are mostly negative. Despite the time that has been given to people to change bad routes of thinking the pain of the crisis has meant many have not been able to. More funding has been set aside for this across the world, but personal focus on this is never more prudent. Preparing and improvement of mental health is a core part of making something better. Numerous resources can be found online on how to improve and help your mental health.

Now, as we come under more stress and see changes in our environments, it is essential to keep this in mind. As you may find a focus on your physical environment and state also note the mental. With poor mental health the other elements become harder and the battle can get worse.

Spiritually Healthier:

This is going to mean different things to different people. However, spiritual beliefs can tie into the ethical for those who are of the more atheist persuasion. Now may be a good time; however, to reconsider your beliefs or your actions alongside the views. Numerous resources can be found, and many spiritual groups are willing to give you the needed resources for free, especially during this time. Online many resources also exist for you to have a look at. With the current technology, you can access materials from all different sides.

If you already have some beliefs, now is a great time to expand them or learn more about them. Reading about how to better follow your beliefs in the free time means when you return to work, you will have this resource to fall back on. This can see an increase in your productivity and also improvements in other health sections.

Use the free time Wisely:

Many individuals are experiencing unwanted free time. While this negative fact does not remove the element of opportunity in it. Wasting this free time is naturally easy and available but improving yourself for the recovery is better. As we come out of this, we are facing challenges that are unprecedented.

We cannot know what the future is going to bring. If 2020 is going to have a lesson is that we should expect the unexpected. Being in a good position ourselves is key to deal with that unexpected that is going to come in the future.

One part of a wider struggle:

Our personal actions, for the most part, are not going to change history by themselves. We are part of a wider system that will influence everything around us. Yet our own actions all together will have an impact.

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