Perversion of American Unity

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At the current moment, the United States is dealing with an incredible amount of tensions in all sphere of life. Marching, protests and riots are occurring at an increasing rate. However, the way that the political sides of America are looking at each other seems to have more in common with those on a completely different side than of the same society. Exploring this realisation, however, led to a concerning link between the way the US deals with foreign threats and how this powerful social function is being turned on that same society. Understanding the process can promote revaluation and allow the process to be used in a beneficial way.

Without this occurring the United States is going to unleash the powerful force that has been used to win wars and protect the nation on itself. It is uncertain if the government could survive an attack that comes from within and both sides. The United States is the most powerful country in the world. Its societies functions, especially in the protection of itself, are the most advance in successful in history. With these powerful functions, responsibility in its usage and constant monitoring is essential. This has not occurred, and America is facing the consequences that act as evidence of this process.

What is foreign? 

At the current moment, numerous individuals on both sides of the political divide believe that the other is being controlled by the others. Even though this charge being thrown about before the number of people with the belief and the official support is unprecedented. Before even if someone disagreed firmly with the other side, they believe fellow Americans were in charge and just being manipulated. Now it is not unusual to hear that an entire party is being run out of Moscow or Beijing. This leads to a distrust of the honest conversation between the two sides. 

This leads to questions about how much of the conversation in American politics is being led by Americans in a general sense. Moving on from this the belief that entire parts of the government are serving a foreign interest is not an unheard of stance,e and since President Trump’s election, this has become a mainstream belief. The same however did exist during President Obama’s term with far fetched theories of his birth and possibly religious affiliation coming from the right.

However, increasingly both sides are living different lives. The types of communities and the differences within the communities are becoming clear. Even comparing an American city in a Liberal area with a Conservative, then differences can be found. Values and beliefs from each American are changing so much that they seem, in some cases, more foreign then foreign beliefs themselves.

As this occurs the understanding on the other side is also becoming less common. While this has mostly been seen on the Left of American politics the right to a certain extent is also having trouble understanding their progressive peers. As understanding on the other side becomes harder, then arguments designed to convince stop being made and instead are focused at ones own side at worse and the middle at best.

We stand for so much.

Costs and organisation for elections have continued to increase. The amount of wealth that is being spent in these elections stuns. The organisation is now a system that does not end with one vote with both sides having established systems and companies to try and maximise organisation and the usage of the funds. This growing engine takes up more of the American societies resources and also the time for discussion on the media during the term of one side. With politics just being one of the many stories, it is now increasingly dominating the conversation and the focus of the media. This means that other accounts such as ones about policies or the needed policies are not being heard in the media. This impacts people across the country.

Another characteristic is that political absolutism. The other side is not just slightly wrong or wrong on certain subjects but entirely false and incorrect on everything. This means that policies cannot be worked out and failed ones replace. If your side has done something, then it must be right even if the results do not show it.

We must all unite or be left behind

As the retreat from an honest discussion occurs, then feelings of unity also have fallen apart between the political sides in the United States. This has seen an uptick of violence with the shooting of Republican members of Congress being a famous example along with extremism from the alt-right. Street riots have tragically turned violent and innocent people, such as two marines, have been impacted. 

While discussions within the two groups used to be necessary, both sides will focus more on unity then expressing those two views. This means the range of views that are acceptable has shrunk. Both sides will not want discussion and debate as that will weaken them to the other side. 

Binary viewpoints become standard meaning that only one set of solutions and problems are provided. This turns the broad coalition into only one set of views with the dominant group depending on how these coalitions are formed.

You cannot look at what is in the background when your own house is on fire.

COVID and the current riots are capturing the American focus. Judgement does not need to be made about this but despite how righteous this focus is the consequences are severe. At no point in history can a nation refuse to be involved in international politics and no impacts occur. 

Middle East politics have become unpopular within the United States. The withdraws that Obama attempted and Trump has ordered are occurring. Despite this, the impact on markets and the wider global environment remain the same. Events in Turkey and also Egypt around the virus have had limited attention. While full-scale involvement may not be needed, not paying attention to the region is vital for any global power.

However, ignoring the situation in the Middle East is minor compared to ignorance in the face of China. In recent months as the world has struggled with Covid 19 that escaped its borders, China has been maxing significant plays on the world stage. Indian service members have been killed, and aggressive moves made to all neighbours. Economic blackmail has also started to be used against Australia, and the Chinese propaganda machine only continues to flex its strength. 

As the American public is focused on statues, the world moves closer to war. 

Everything is starting to move right now

This mechanism that is being used has roots in American history and has arguably served the nation well. Yet as it is turned inwards, this risks the US status in the world at best or the very existence of the United States.

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