Process of American Unity

The United States is moving through a time of crisis. Some have turned to history to understand better what is happening and what the future holds. The American civil war has extensive studies on it and the broader implications of the conflict. Yet an area lacking many studies is how America remained united in the face of other crisis. Fighting foreign forces has been the historic uniting moment be that the wars against Mexico or the two World Wars against Germany. This mechanism of American society is now, however creating a growing weakness as a tool used to protect it from the foreign is currently tearing it apart.

Looking back in the past, more differences with the current United States appear the further it is from the present. At its foundation, the United States unity has been vital to protect it from foreign powers. At the start, this was the British; however, it quickly would move to other nations. These threats would often put a pause on any debate and bring internal tensions down to meet these challenges. Despite not agreeing with each other, unity to survive together was always put first. This unity together has happened enough to be different from a coincidence. At the heart of the American journey, it is a trait that has remained despite all changes.

Initial Focus:

Initially, the foreign is described and made into something that the people can understand. The press informs an often inward looking American people about the foreign adversary. The information provided is necessary information and past interactions with the United States. The foundation for all other steps comes from this shared information that at this stage may be disagreed with from different groups. Finishing this stage can take years and also could be cancelled if it no longer suits the interests. Providing information about future actions and justifications is not yet involved, and this is just some interesting information.

Clarification Of The Foreign

Building off the information provided in the last step the idea of a cause becomes in focus. Highlighting reasons other people then Americans dislike the enemy will occur. Causes that groups similar to those within the United States can feel a part of, will be found or created. Solidarity with groups outside of the US will be encouraged, along with empathy. Any fault the enemy has or will make is put into sharp focus. Stopping the process at this point can still occur with no real issues. Refocusing the buildup on a similar enemy is also possible with some skill, so all previous effort is not wasted.

Alignment Of American Interests:

In this stage, strengthing reasons why America cares about this hostile force occur. Understanding of the situation and basic information has sunk in. Groups within America are going to start creating reasons and pushing for action about this foreign issue. Consequences for no involvement for domestic concerns will also be strengthened. Inaction will be made out to be doing nothing to address an almost domestic problem. Naturally, with this topic being in the public sphere, the groups will want to have a stance on it. With the right environment and with an in-group preference, they will come alongside the Untied States vague cause.

A United Position:

Ideally, this is where the government hears the position that the people have taken. Realistically the government could long ago have wanted to take action against the foreign. The government will try to create a position that brings as many different groups under the same banner to deal with the threat. Sometimes it may also seek to encourage people to move from positions on them that are on to one closer to the government one. It even may start to attempt to guide the conversation for future steps. This is where political forces can influence the conversation.

Active Steps On The Position:

Action occurs at this stage as enough groups now demand something to be done. Moving from the realm of discussion and debate, choices are made. Mobilisation of people and resources can also start with some little actions against a foreign adversary. If groups or individuals have not come on board, they will be labelled a traitor or naive at best. Once this strep is done the unity has been created, and now full action can occur with all the strength of the United States.

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