Process of American Unity

The United States is moving through a time of crisis. Some have turned to history to understand better what is happening and also what will happen. Some have gone straight to the civil war as the go-to. The commenting on other ways America has dealt with differences and united is limited. However, fighting foreign forces has been the historic uniting moment be that the wars against Mexico or the two world wars against Germany. This mechanism of American society is now, however creating a growing weakness as a tool used to protect it from the foreign is currently tearing up the unity. 

Despite the differences that the United States has within itself since the foundation it has united against a hostile foreign power. At the start, this was the British; however, it quickly would move to other nations, including Mexico. This would often put a pause on any debate and bring internal tensions down to meet this advisory. Despite not agreeing with each other unity to survive together was followed. Happening more than once this is more than just a coincidence, but instead a character trait of the American society. 

Initial Focus:

Initially, the foreign is described and made into something that the people can understand. This is where the press informs the American people (who often have been inward-looking) of the foreign adversary and the concerns around it. Sometimes this is an explanation of where the country is and also the past history of the country and the United States. This provides the foundation for other elements of national unity. This step can happen years or perhaps only months before the next ones begin. 

Clarification of the foreign

In the next step, the cause is started to be created. The reason why the United States needs to stand against this enemy that has now been talked about. A just cause has not been established, but it becomes possible for the American public to learn more. Faults with the enemy are highlighted so that the United States can give a full picture of the situation. Also, the individual causes find reasons to support the United States against this foreign threat. At this point, the process can be stopped without too much consequence or refocused on another foreign force. 

Alignment of American Interests:

Once this step occurs, the case is made for American involvement. Now that the people understand the situation is happening in a specific lens. Causes within American society find reasons or provided reasons. A reason that groups will find reasons is due to the topic coming up more due to the other steps that have occurred. Naturally, with this topic being in the public sphere, the groups will want to have a stance on it. With the right environment and with an in-group preference, they will come alongside the Untied States vague cause.

A United Position:

This is where the government will hear that the people have come to a position. Looking at the different ones the government is going to be trying to provide its own position that tries to unite as many of the ones it wishes. Sometimes it may also seek to encourage people to move from positions on them that are on to one closer to the government one. It even may start to attempt to guide the conversation for future steps. This is where political forces can influence the conversation.

Active steps on the position:

This is where the government or even the groups takes actions to fulfil their position. This is not full support, but it is moving towards acting on the goal. Mobilisation of people and resources can also start with some little actions against a foreign adversary. It is here that the path that is needed to be taken will be road mapped and worked out. Then once this is done, the full action can be launched with the unity of the people behind them. 

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