Paths of logic around COVID Protests

Since the beginning of the year changes to most peoples lives and our society have occurred in response to COVID. Differences in opinion and changing of views have arisen. This article attempts to follow the logical paths that people have taken during the events so that if you have trouble understanding how someone could have a stance, this may help.

Everyone feels like they are in the right. It can be hard to understand others.

Assumptions Limitations in this article:

  1. This article weights all positions equal in formatting. This is so that the reader can see the words. It is also due to a lack of knowledge of percentage support for positions are time went on. Some groups that have large space may be due to the belief requiring more words to explain.
  2. This article does not attempt to state which beliefs are good to have or which ones are wrong. Numerous other individuals and professionals have written content on that subject.
  3. It assumes that people are logically consistent.
  4. It generalised and summaries the group so that the content can be protested. Niche reasons and smaller groups have been excluded.

Living Under Covid Restrictions

All groups have had to live under the same restrictions and have had access to the same information about the current situation. The views that they hold however are different, and some may not have seen certain elements of information or view the trustworthiness of the source as different. Echo chambers and selective searching for information has occurred.

Initial Anti Lockdown Protest

The initial protests where limited with individuals complaining that the government could not bring in the laws so quickly. Academic protests did occur although overall protests where limited.

Group 1

Anti Lockdown protests are bad due to the danger to the public being greater then it is worth

Group 2

Anti lockdown protests are good/allowed due to the right to protest being important.

Group 3

Anti Lockdown protests are good due to the virus being a overreaction or the virus not being real.

Fate of Group 3:

Group three will not be mentioned in the rest of the article. If people believe that the virus is limited or not real they will hold that position as time goes on. It is possible that more people hold this opinion and they may be mentioned as time goes on. The absence of group three in the rest of the article does not mean it does not exist.

Larger and more organized protests

As time went on however the protests grew larger and more involved. The statehouse militia event was reported on around the world and even the more niche protests still occurred.

Changes for Group 1:

Group 1 A

This is the original group 1 and they still hold the same position as before. Despite the increase in the power and also the amount of protestors they are still wrong due to the risk to others health.

Group 1 B

This is a split off from Group 1 that still believes that the protests are wrong but also believes that attempting to stop the protests would require too much force.

Group 1 C

Another splinter they believe that the protests are going to have people killed. Yet believe that if the protestors socially distanced then it would be better or perhaps good.

Changes for Group 2:

Group 2 A

They believe that the protests are going to get people killed and that this is still worth it due to the right to protest.

Group 2 B:

This group believes that those who have a actual problem with the lockdown should be allowed to protest. Ah example would be alleged governmental overreach that has happened at this point

Group 2 C:

This group believes that due to the protests having enough popular support they should be allowed. If the cause does not have enough support then it should not be allowed.

Some Lockdown Restrictions are lifted or not complied with

This was when some states made changes to allow people to return to work and other actions. It was also people celebrating events and not complying with the lockdown rules that had established.

Changes in Group 1:

Group 1 A

The lifting of restrictions and more public displays of people ignoring them is deeply concerning. People will still die and people are not taking the needed health actions for this to not happen.

Group 1 B

With so many people not following the restrictions and more opposition to measures occurring they may support measures and focus being moved from lockdown to other elements. The argument of too much force being needed still applies.

Group 1 C:

Some of the actions of people breaking lockdown is encouraging and with public support being on wanting to open up and not the lack of belief in the virus then they may support reopening or reduction of lockdown measures with people complying independently with the needed measures.

Changes in Group 2:

Group 2A

Even with the increase of people they believe that the right should remain. The cost of these actions naturally is increased with less restrictions on the virus.

Group 2B

This group may believe that while the protests are allowed the opening up is bad due to it not being needed. For a business that is about to go under or other versions of need they may support it.

Group 2C

With the public mood clearly moving in one direction they will most likely support the people choosing to go out. Public support for some of the measures has collapsed and this group may believe that dooms the measures regardless.

Black Lives Matter Protests Erupt

With the death of George Floyd protests started across the United States and the wider world in support of local and international anti racism and black lives matter politics.

Changes in Group 1

Group 1A

This protest is even more dangerous due to a vulnerable group mostly taking part in these protests. Also people traveling for these protests. This is the worse due to the scale of it. It should be prevented due to the amount of damage it will do.

Group 1B

This protest is people expressing key concerns about the government operation. They have the right to protest as well as the one before.

Group 1C

With the other side of the political discussion taking to the street it is now clear that both sides do not respect the lockdown and like the other one due to the large amount of protestors this is okay.

Changes in Group 2:

Group 2A

The cost has jumped due to another part of the community joining a public protest. Despite this increase of cost the fundamentally right to protest still should be protected.

Group 2B

Due to a key and publicly supported concern being expressed this should be allowed. However the other causes using this moment should be prevented due to only having small support. Also a response must be planned and the rest of the lockdown preserved or made stronger.

Group 2C

With the other side of politics joining the protests the measures at this point should be lifted due to cooperation no longer occurring. With so many people breaking lockdown and also acting in a manner that would prevent any possible gains the protest should go ahead.

What if a person supports one cause and not the other?

There are two primary reasons for this. They could view one cause as more dangerous and therefore has exhausted the right to protest.

or they could have an ideological conviction that one cause is more deserving or should be allowed and the other is not deserving of the right to protest. The basis for that belief in being able to protest is in the cause itself and not in rights.

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