Project Loudspeaker Logs

August 9, 2021 Edward 0

Rebuilding Rome is not responsible for the logs being published online. For the best of our ability these leaks have been confirmed as true. So […]

Investigation: US Released Biological Agents On Its People

May 26, 2021 Edward 0

You can’t honestly believe that they would act like that and get away with it, right?

In our modern day, many people seem to think that the government would never engage in large scale concerning projects. Yet we can learn from the past where this has already happened. This investigation details and sources the US biological weapon program and the tests conducted on unknowing US cities. Yes, they did expose an entire city, and yes, they did drop stuff from planes.

Don’t Lose Hope! Expect Delays!

May 21, 2021 Edward 0

It can be hard to see the world continue on course despite the changes that we do and see. However, it is essential that we are not discouraged, and we stay the course. Expect delays, and the world makes a lot more sense.

In America Your Own Side Is After You

March 19, 2021 Edward 0

The election focus has mostly come to an end. While both sides still go after each other another conflict is starting up. Being on the right side is not good enough, you also have to be in the right faction. The great internal struggles are here.

Our State Before New Normal

March 14, 2021 Edward 0

A large amount of focus has been placed on the new normal. Prominent figures have talked about it and the attempts to create it. However, the current state of business and politics are being skipped over. Our current state is not natural. There are some serious shifts that have occurred.

Our Increasing Dependence

March 1, 2021 Edward 0

Powerful systems run our lives. Yet they increasingly seek to create dependence upon them. This comes with a set of consequences. Humans have managed to try and replace natural systems. While it is easy to not think about these systems their power is quite massive. Hiding from thinking about them does not prevent them from existing. Understanding allows us some independence.